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MPC LIVE 2 Beginners Course

MPC LIVE 2 Beginners Course

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We're happy to bring to you our first MPC Live 2 course! This beginners course is design to help you get started off right with your MPC! If you are new are have been using the MPC Live 2 for a while, this course should help you get over any issues you've been having learning this machine. Marcus Elbow is a master at explaining how to use the MPC Live 2. He moves at just the right speed to ensure you will learn the Live 2 and have fun while doing so!

This MPC LIVE 2 Beginners Course comes pack with everything you need to get started learning this machine:

Over 2 1/2 Hours of Video Content

Free Sound Pack created by the Design Team at EMS

Project Files Included

Project Stems Files Included

The Track that was Created by Marcus and Much More....

We hope you love and enjoy this course as much as we did making it! Have fun, learn and get better at doing what we all love to do....Make Dope Ass Music!

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